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Booking Conditions

1. Before a reservation

Please apply after having read the following matter carefully. I understand following attention, all the decision matters, and reservation / application should be an application when it was understood.

  1. The price listed in our site becomes the our website special discount price. Accordingly, there is it when I am usually set more cheaply than an amount of price sold at operating company. When it is booked through our website, this price is applied.
  2. Our website is made based on the latest document provided by the operating company. When something has a change, and there is the notice for us from the operating company, we update our website immediately. However, approve it beforehand because there is it when we do not have the notice than an operating company when contents and some differences placed here occur.
  3. Sales to customers, fee at the time of the your application will be applied. If your application after the sale price has been reduction, refund of the difference to customers that are already your application is not.
  4. Transfer from the hotel is not the hotel from all. It becomes the place from which operating company has specified.
  5. Photos listed on this website are the images only. It may be different from the actual view and items.


2. Payment
  1. You can use VISA and Master without handing fee. 5% handling fee is charged if you prefer to pay by JCB and AMEX.
  2. We will charge tour fees once we received your booking request. When the tour is not confirmed because the date you requested is fully booked, we will inform you and refund full amount back to your credit card.
  3. If you request to cancel booking after you send a booking request, we will refund a balance of amount which is deducted cancellation fee back to your credit card.
  4. Both charging and refunding the amount will be done by Australian Dollars. The amount might be different as the exchange rate may be changed.
3. Establishment of arrangement contract
  1. We and the arrangement contract with the customer shall be established at a point in time when a customer made a booking.
  2. When a customer cannot arrange a thing applied for, it does not take cancellation, amendment fee.
  3. It cannot be confirmed even if we have a booking on date until we get a confirmation from operating company.
  4. On account of the operating company a case of the non-operating when is full, and do not get a booking, there is it.
4. About cancellation or change of arrangement
  1. If the tour itself was canceled at the discretion of the company departs natural disaster, in bad weather, etc., and not subject to cancellation fee.
  2. Change of participation date is possible (change fee required) to 12:00PM Sydney time the day before, but the changes to the other tour will be canceled treatment.
  3. Decrease in the number of participants will be treated cancellation rather than change.
  4. Does not require a change fee for change of place to stay.
  5. Please contact quickly for cancellation / change of tour that you booked tour or ticket. We will refund procedures such as participation ticket.
  6. As long as the tour is departs, even if customers are not capable of participating (strike, mechanical problems, such as bad weather) in the delay of the flight, it will be subject to cancellation if you were not able to join tour.
  7. Cancellation and change fees below will be cancellation or change fee of a general tour. Some tour cancellation fee severe than the following may apply. In that case, it is described in the item of tour of each of the “Notes”. Cancellation fee and conditions that are described in there it will be applied, please be careful. In addition, diving tour, the plane, for the rental fee and golf tours of all cities, cancellation fee of 100% of the tour price booking is confirmed since the time it takes.
  8. Voucher local ticketing fee:If you can not bring the voucher at check-in for any reason, such as loss, re-issue fee of voucher will be charged $ 10 per item.
  9. Cancellation or change fee is as follows.
Cancellation fee
Up to 14-4 as it was before counting from the day before the effective date 20% of the tour or ticket price
Up to 3 days before 50% of the tour or ticket price
The day before and the day 100% of the tour or ticket price


Change fee

Up to 14-4 as it was before counting from the day before the day departs The A$5.00 per one reservation
Up to 3 days before The A$10.00 per one reservation
The day before and the day 100% of the tour or ticket price
5. Scuba Diving – General Safety information

For those who booked a scuba diving, including fun dive, introductory dive, ocean walker, sea walker, scuba do, etc, have suffered from or currently suffering from any of following, you will be required to have medical certification by doctor in advance to conforms to Australian Medical Standard AS4005-1.

For example ; Asthma, Epilepsy, Tuberculosis, Lung complaints, Chest complaints, Heart Disease, Recurrent ear problems when flying, Ear surgery, Breathlessness, High blood pressure, Taking any medicine, Pregnant

You should not go to altitude (fly) within 12 hours of completing a single dive or 18 hours when doing multiple dives (where possible wait 24 hours).

6. Liability
  1. We, Active Innovation Australia Pty Ltd, do not take any responsibility for damages due to negligence or intentional by our suppliers and/or service providers.
  2. We shall not be liable for damages and additional cost incurred under following circumstances. Natural disaster, war disturbances, acts of terror, immigration regulations, accidents, food poisoning, theft, delays and stoppages, and any case that is beyond the control of AIA and/or the agent in charge of the arrangements.
  3. Our suppliers and/or service providers can make changes to tour dates, prices, inclusions, coverage, age requirements, etc.
  4. As a result, We reserves the right to cancel, change or substitute any service, tour, ticket or product that you have booked with us at any time for any reason.